The purity, non-colour, transparency and fluidity of Junya Ishigami’s design style juxtaposed with the clean, clear lines and bright colours of Piero Lissoni.

A cosmopolitan arrangement with hints of refined technology veiled in mysticism. Experimental research, a re-elaboration of Japanese and western design styles, a mix of poetry, dreaminess,harmony and spirituality, in a minimal art key.

Chiaroscuro symbolism in screens of fluorescent tube lights in optical white, enclosing the names of the two architects in capital letters, which form the backdrop to the pure, fluid lines of the Drop Table,transparent perspex sculptures. The chairs set alongside the tables emphasise their optical effect,accentuating the conceptual neatness exalted by the apparent simplicity of the shapes.

“A transparent table. At first glance it looks like a slender, round table, but upon closer inspection it is clear that the lower part of the table top is curved like a lens. Almost as if it contained slowly dripping water. An invitation to view the drops of water forming in its transparency. The transparent top distorts the perception of the surrounding space, and alters the distance between objects, like a mirage. Several objects are arranged on its surface, and they blend to produce a harmonious, even image.” Junya Ishigami

A group of Family Chairs is outlined by coverings in seam-free one-piece horizontal knit cashmere and cotton, created by Benedetta Tamborini, a Milanese designer specialising in knitwear. The original geometry remains intact: the colour amplifies the perfect cut and balanced volumes. The long-sleeved knitted garments – in line with Ishigami’s original intentions – enable the chairs to hug each other and to form a family.

“Chairs that live in harmony, like a family. Whilst they are all similar, each chair has a slightly different shape and its own personality. There is a wide chair, a tall chair, a short chair, a normal chair and a stool. It’s fun to choose which chair to sit on, depending on the day’s mood. It’s also fun to decide which is your favour ite chair. Like a family sitting around a table, so the chairs are arranged around the table.” Junya Ishigami

In the next room, Piero Lissoni’s Cabrio chairs are colourful and concise, a fine sight. The apparently simple, essential shapes are crafted in a palette of pastel hues. Linear aesthetics, clean shapes, a design style for a collection of high urban definition compact armchairs. “Things occur to me by chance, so randomly as to be almost banal. That’s how I designed these armchairs, following the lodestar of banal beauty; the result will be sweet treats. Primary shapes,candy colours, shiny, sugary surfaces, almost like Disneyland desserts.” Piero Lissoni

The exhibition was presented at L’Appartamento Boffi Showroom from the 13-17 Apri.