An installation by Damien Hirst and the industrial venue of a warehouse in Athens proved to be the perfect setting for the presentation of Idiosyncrasy, the S/S 2013 Collection of the fashion house of Konstantinos Melis by Laskos.

The striking elements of the collection, a combination of ultra feminine frills, flounces and origami pleats on tiny waisted outfits in the semi neutral shades of white, nude, beige and pastels, enhanced the female form. This contrasted with the androgynous wide shouldered tailored pieces presented in rough fabrics, denim, leather and cotton. More than a nod to a futuristic take on glamour with metallic and synthetic details as well as the unexpected flashes of handsewn trims on the backs of garments, all of which delighted the expectant audience of the eagerly awaited collection.

The aesthetics of the designers is highlighted by the alternative ways of reworking materials in original ways, each item expertly made without the limitations often attached to clothes of this genre. More than a touch of youth and the exciting energy of urban chic is inherent in this very well received highly wearable collection of clothes for the Spring and Summer of 2013.


Art Direction by Mr. Michael Pandos
Head Makeup Artist Manos Vynichakis of Shiseido
Head Hair Stylist Vasilis Stratigos with G + M Hair Team
Cocktail party by Cointreau
Floral Compositions by Elite Events

Fashion Show Photography by: She&bocaliberta
Photography of Manos Vinyhakis by Maria Markezi
Photography of Melis Laskos Finale by Maria Markezi