Located in KNSM eiland in Amsterdam, House like Village is a loft inside what used to be, an old harbour-cantina. Those of you familiar with Amsterdam you will know this is not an uncommon practise, nonetheless this is no common loft.

"The house we created is composed from 4 smaller 'houses', containing the more private spaces and supporting facilities. In between them, an open multifunctional space emerges (the streets), and natural daylight enters deep into the house", say Marc Koehler Architects, creators of this unsurprisingly great loft in Amsterdam.

Unlike traditional home layouts, where you usually find the cooking and dining area on the main floor, in this case we find them in the elevated second floors, which are all connected via internal bridges. The result of this is not having to jeopardise the views and of course the open space associated with lofts.

I have said it before and ill say it again, the Dutch know what they are doing, so enjoy the loft and yes we are very, very jealous.