Family Estate Krakow is a private residence designed by Yodezeen. It is located in Krakow, Poland.

“This 169 sq m (1,819 sq ft) flat is located in an old fort built for defense in 18 century, that will be rebuilt from scratch and it will be a mix of modern architecture and touch of tradition.

There will also be a garden of 450 sq m (4,844 sq ft) belonging to the apartment, surrounding the flat. The whole interior will be performed with a strong modern touch.

The family that possess an apartment consists of parents and 3 children, for this reason we will apply entirely natural materials, such as wood – oak, concrete, natural stone as basalt, marble, glass, and we will definitely pay attention to small details.

A rather dark color pallette will not cause problems with insolation – panoramic windows face 4 parts of the world, thus all the areas will get a great amount of natural light.”