From the moment they set eyes on the brilliant natural beauty of the small bay of Otzia, on the north coast of Kea (Tzia),Greece, they realised that they must make it their own. The same scene inspired interior designer, Elena Karoula, to undertake the project with the principle of simplicity and feeling.

The exterior of the structure was designed by the architectural firm of Tombazi in the style of the traditional architecture of Tzia and the Cyclades, in combination with the simplicity of contemporary lines. The main building, which functions as a base for the family, is a two storey structure, linked by a stone staircase. The ground floor is an open unit containing the living and dining spaces and the kitchen. The bedrooms and bathrooms are to be found on the upper level.

The surfaces consist of local stone in its natural state. The materials employed in the project are natural stone, large grey ceramic tiles and white paint which is used extensively to cover plastered walls, stonework and wooden ceilings, this in itself produces a sense of brightness and serenity to the interior, which together with the simple furnishings, produces a home which is in perfect harmony with its environment.  A glass floor has been installed beneath the window of the upper floor to ensure maximum daylight enters the lower level.

A guest house has been built apart from the main house, connected by means of a common courtyard and pergola. The solid stone walls of the structure perfectly contrast with the ever moving restless sea, constantly visible through the openings of the house.

The unadorned structure meets exactly the specifications of the owners: a peaceful universe in close relationship with its environment.