A detached post war house in the downtown area of Thission was recently redesigned by architect, Minas Kosmidis. The familiar geometric lines of a 1950s house which looked out over the street contained a hidden secret, the rear of the house had the potential for a fantastic view of the Acropolis and it remained in the hands of the architect to make that view the most intrinsic aspect of his project.

In order to expose this hidden treasure, the sleeping quarters had to be moved to the ground floor along with a small sitting room capable of becoming a guest room plus a private bathroom and a guest WC and storage area. Due to the fact that the only natural light on the ground floor was via two small windows, the dividing wall was replaced by pivoting doors in walnut. This left the upper level, accessible by a hand carved walnut staircase, to accommodate the living room, dining room and kitchen in one open space. The rear wall was replaced by sliding glass doors leading onto a balcony and the enviable view of the Acropolis. From the balcony, a metal staircase leads up to a roof terrace with indescribable views to be enjoyed on summer evenings.

The designer and client agreed on the neutral color palette inside and outside of the house, thus providing a background to introduce the personal objects of the family and create a warm environment in line with its iconic view and with respect for the historic neighbourhood. The wood, marble and black metal additions to the house co-exist harmoniously within the space. The final touch of the project was the redesign of the railings and the lighting of the strucute, worthy of its status in the well known area of Thission.