Based in rural spain,Francesc Rifé Studio have renovated an old farmhouse. ‘empordà house’ is a project that combines old with the new in the most subtle manner. the owner’s interest in furniture by jean prouvé and charlotte perriand influenced the interiors while the extension itself stems from their respect to the local, rural architecture of the empordà.

Within the stone farmhouse building, large added windows strengthens the dialogue between the exterior and interior, punctuating the inside with natural light. the outside plays a key role of the renovation project, while improving existing elements of the building, a thatched, wavy canopy has been installed over the porch,unifying the central building with the other.

Internally, the stucco walls and a monochromatic color theme has been kept to highlight the distinctive pieces of furniture and the client’s extensive art collection. furthermore, the designers have worked new finishes and fittings into the original arched spaces such as the kitchen, bedrooms and study. overall, the choice of contrasting materials instill a unique atmosphere where the more organic elements of the house complement the new additions yet still blends with the rustic nature of the scheme as a whole.