Built into a cliff face overlooking the Aegean on the island of Mykonos is the 5 star boutique hotel of Cavo Tagoo. Just a short walk from the bustling town, Cavo Tagoo is so finely tuned to the desires and needs of the visitors to this magical island, that its physical presence pays tribute to its prestigious position of being amongst the number one destinations from which to experience the ultimate that this island has to offer.

The mission of the Cavo Tagoo is for the hotel ‘to be a canvas on which the visitor can colour the island dream’; this incredibly beautiful canvas is created through the stark white of the sensuously rounded edges of the structures, mirroring the traditional architecture of the region, and the natural materials of wood and stone, whitewashed surfaces to reflect the Greek light, the fabric of poets and artists since time immemorial!

The interiors reflect the rustic elements of minimal purity, allowing the bright blue sea and sky to enter the spaces through unadorned openings. The primitive merged with luxury through the sometimes cave like stone details with unexpected brushstrokes of turquoise, fuchsia and pink in the upholstery, topped by the elegance of a classic crystal chandelier, all of this and more which typify the unique elements of ‘Mykonos Chic!’

Whether choosing a simple room or suite with private plunge pool or the outrageously luxurious accommodation with an indoor pool, Cavo Tagoo promises to provide the foundation on which memories are built as a long standing souvenir of the hospitality of the island of Mykonos.