Away from the city center of Milan, conveniently situated in the Via Stephenson, is the B4 Milano designed by the practice of Simone Micheli. Part of the Boscolo Hotel Group, the B4 embodies the concept of a pioneering holistic experience in hospitality for visitors to this cosmopolitan city in the north of Italy.

From the reflective glass facade which adopts a magical glowing blue presence by nightfall, the towering structure welcomes the guests into a multi-colored interior of futuristic softly molded shapes within the symbiotic, fluid space. The eclectic aesthetic of the public spaces exhibit a wonderful contrast of high tech amenities and natural materials, all presented in a seamlessly functional ergonomic manner.

The interior illumination of concealed LED lights highlight the space age features of the space and add a mysterious element to the interest filled features. The B4 Milano, which attracts clients to experience its unique design and alternative events, has been shortlisted for the 2013 International Hotel and Property Awards.