Greg Horn is best known for his artwork on Marvel Comic’s titles Elektra, Emma Frost, and She-Hulk.   He is currently the regular cover artist on Ms Marvel.  In 2008, he will provide cover art for Virgin Comics Shadow Hunter starring Jenna Jameson, and Top Cow Productions Witchblade.  Greg’s acclaimed work in comic books has opened up fantastic opportunities in many different art industries outside of comics.  He has worked on high profile projects in advertising, video games, magazine covers, editorial, board games, and novels.  Greg Horn's online art galleries cover every genre from comic book art, to sports, fantasy, science fiction, and horror.

Greg has been a fan favorite cover artist for Marvel Comics since 2001, winning Wizard Fan Award’s Best Painter of the Year for 2004.  He has also been acknowledged by Spectrum with 7 entries in their annual publications showcasing “the Best in Contemporary Fantasy art”.  In February 2007,  Horn received his highest recognition with an induction into the prestigious Society Of Illustrators along with illustration legends Neal Adams, Basil Gagos, and Michael Golden!