As part of an expansion program and in order to introduce a larger percentage of the public to its product, the Don Coffee Company of Kosovo appointed the practice of Innarch to create a concept flagship coffee shop, the Don Cafe House in Pristina, Kosovo, which would be the first in a planned national chain.

As it was essential that a concept must be created which would set the Don Cafe brand apart from the existing coffee shops, Innarch pulled out all of the stops and came up with a fascinating conceptual design inspired by the product itself. Their design concept is to welcome customers into a space which represents the inside of a sack of coffee beans.

A contemporary interpretation of a coffee sack is seen in the organic shape of the walls made from one thousand plus strips of flexible plywood in widths of 2 to 4 cm., the coffee colored curving shapes culminate in a series of throne like seats. Throughout the space, various hues of coffee are used to great effect from the dark brown of freshly roasted beans of the tables to the warm soft beige of cafe au lait of the upholstered chairs. The surfaces of the pillars are covered in actual hessian sacking and the table tops and suspended light fittings represent the coffee beans. A separation wall continues the theme both as a decorative and functional element. Each aspect of the interior, including every item of furniture was designed by Innarch in a truly comprehensive design project which results in the unique experience of sitting inside a sack of coffee!