This is the last event held in tandem with the exhibition y2o_duality by Dominique Skoltz until its culmination on May 8th, 2016. As an extension of the works already presented, the artist will showcase the installation Face to Face. Face to Face is a meeting of interiorities, an active witnessing to the power of verbal language.

For the past two years, y2o has been featured in countless international film festivals around the world. From the very beginning, artist Dominique Skoltz had imagined y2o as an expansive project that would one day include photography, sculptures and installations. She perceives such evolutions of the video as diverse facets of the complex interiority of couples. After a presentation of y2o as a multiple-screens installation at the Phi Center (Montreal) in 2014 and at Arsenal Toronto in 2015, it is presented here in its most complete form. This multidisciplinary exhibition follows the recent acquisition of y20 by the Majudia collection.

y2o duality presents the journey of two individuals submerged in the troubled waters of their own physical and emotional pulsations. Theirs bodies construct a new language in which fluidity and collisions, or rasping complaints and heartbeats, resonate visually, auditorily and emotionally. Beyond the singular visual vocabulary of Dominique Skoltz, each object, image and gesture possesses its own symbolism that evokes a skin-deep interiority. Behind y2o duality, there is a desire to communicate differently with the other; a desire to resonate with and within the other so as to allow two individuals to truly live in each other and become a new entity altogether. Somewhere between spleen and sensuousness, asphyxia and exaltation, cannibalism and rejection, Dominique Skoltz’ proposition suggests a way to feel interiority externally and vice-versa. In her work, emotions are felt on either sides of the skin.