“Cheesecake”, an interactive piece of furniture aimed mainly for kids by the new and upcoming designers from India Swarup & Khushboo is the winner of the international design competition “Design for a Changing World”, that Delood organized with the Greek edition of Casaviva magazine and Living Divani.  

What makes an object a “design classic”?

A design classic is tenacious to time & the dynamic nature of changing society. An amalgamation of tradition, timelessness, culture that leaves an everlasting impression in the minds of the people makes an object a Design Classic. The classic status is earned based on the quality of execution, enduring qualities, and restraint.

Which are the principles of good design?

There are many attributes that when combined in a perfect proportion build up a good design. simple & minimal, environment friendly, long lasting, something that serves to society, solves problems. Though it could be inspired from one or many inspirations the final form is unique unto itself and original. Its form is true to function and the materials are true to the values underscoring the reason for designing it.

Name 3 contemporary designers whose work you find influential.

Khushboo- Charles and Ray Eames - they created benchmark and changed the way contemporary design is perceived. Issey Miyake – his work with fabric manipulation and experimentations in new textile technologies. Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec – their work with diverse products materials and technologies.
Swarup- Sandeep Sangaru - his work on bamboo material and his effort to uplift Indian craft sector through design intervention are quite inspiring.

About “cheese cake”, what is according to you the aspect that differentiates it?

Cheese Cake is child interactive furniture - it is a simple design with minimal mechanism. Dynamic in nature as it can take different forms based on the child's mood and like. It is a Lightweight & accident free product.

Is contemporary design “globalized”?

Technological advancement is one of the major driving force for Globalization. Contemporary design both conceptually and contextually is facilitated by technological development at micro and macro levels. This there by seeks to fill a need and lacuna in the society at large and hence it is moving towards globalization.

What role could local cultures play in the future development of design?

Local cultures have developed and evolved through years, therefore they carry a lot of information and about the environment and people, which plays an important role as guidelines to develop sustainable design.

What is that one thing you want to achieve in a year from now?

Khushboo – I would like to explore the possibilities of textile in terms of newer applications in more diverse areas.
Swarup - Expand my design thinking & knowledge. Learn as much as possible, interact with as many people as possible, explore as many material & process as possible.