George Vamvakidis and Stathis Panagoulis inaugurated the Breeder in November 2002, with the presentation of a solo show by British artist Jim Lambie. The gallery represents a core group young artists. It aims to facilitate the long-term development of their careers, acting as a liaison to international galleries, curators, institutions, museums and collectors.

 Since 2002, The Breeder has successfully introduced select international artists and projects to the Athenian public, while simultaneously presenting Greek artists to the contemporary arts community abroad. The Breeder is open to all forms of art regardless the medium as long as we feel it says something significant about our time. The Breeder works to cultivate strong relationships with galleries world wide, promoting artistic exchange and project collaboration. The Breeder participates in many international art fairs, like Frieze Art Fair in London, The Armory Show in New York, Art Basel Miami Beach and Art Basel, Liste etc. In September 2008 the gallery moved to a larger site in Metaxourgio, the up and coming arts area of downtown Athens.

The gallery’s new premises are comprised of a masterfully renovated ice cream factory from the nineteen seventies. It hosts over 550 sq meters of exhibition space, spread across four floors. The Breeder is not just a gallery, its an idea that aims to nurture all forms of creativity. Example to this is our newest project, the Breeder Feeder, a project restaurant, that is operating on a rotating program, inviting different teams of chefs, just like the rotating exhibitions in the gallery’s main space. Our plan is to always be relevant and updated.