An old farm storage, situated on the historic core of Vacalo, Switzerland, was renovated by Studio Inches, to serve as a residence for the local Mayor. With architectural features dating back to 17thcentury, this “tower house” of 6x6m, is divided into 4 levels, with a total floor area of 120m2. Protected by a set of strict regional laws, any modifications to the exterior were prohibited.

A minimalistic approach has been chosen to beautify the interior and trick the eye of the visitor, by developing a sense of brightness and openness. The black and white colour palette, combined with the glossy, light-reflecting surfaces were the main tools used to accomplish this effect. Exposed concrete floors and lightweight metal stairs divide up the house, giving the sense of effortless flow. Starting from the entrance floor, a w.c. and an equipment room have been positioned. The double-height living area on the 1st floor is overlooked by a study balcony, leading to the top floor master bedroom.

Inches has emphasized the historical background of the building’s exterior, while completely transforming its interior into a bright, elegant and contemporary residence and creating the illusion of a larger space.