Cassina New Collection | Presentation at Salone del Mobile 2016

The 900m2 ‪‎Cassina‬ stand at this year's Salone del Mobile has been designed by Patricia Urquiola and is inspired by the Rietveld Pavilion, a temporary building designed in 1955 in Holland to display sculptures and later reconstructed in the Kröller-Müller Museum’s sculpture garden. The parallelism between the temporality and function of the two architectures is clearly evident. The intrinsic relationship between architecture and interior design has always been an important element in Cassina’s history.

637 UTRECHT C90 Limited EditionThe artist Bertjan Pot has designed a fabric in three Jacquard variants specifi cally for the Utrecht armchair to offer a contemporary reworking of this icon from 1935 designed by Gerrit T. Rietveld. The architecture of the armchair is reflected in the innovative manufacture of this BoxBlocks fabric, made from eight coloured threads, combined two at a time to create 19 colours designed to a template to follow the shape of the armchair. The fabric has a unique, perfectly balanced geometric pattern, in which the triangle combinations are never repeated. A homage to Dutch creativity, each BoxBlocks fabric covers 90 limited editions in bespoke upholstery, for a total of 270 models, all numbered to guarantee Cassina authenticity

550 BEAM SOFA SYSTEMThis seating system comprises of three sofas, which can also be used individually, and modular padded elements: two or three-seater end units with left- or right-hand armrest, two-seater center units, corner units and left- or right-hand chaise longues, ottoman and center or end low tables. Each element rests on a “beam” base: geometric, formal, with a strong aesthetic impact, the base is the functional core of the system. Indeed, it enables various confi gurations to be created, arranging the padded elements together or alternating the seating, tables and ottoman in interesting compositions. This contemporary take focuses on practicality and comfort together with attention to detail, to enhance its aesthetic characteristics: soft, cosy yet not excessively huge cushions, the high back, stitching detail along the edges, the sideways protrusion of the overlapping back and the armrest and the two possible positions of the armrest for quality relaxation. 

249 VOLAGE EX-SThe Volage EX—S collection is the continuation of work carried out in recent years to revolutionise the classic sofa. Quilted upholstery developed for Privé and Volage sofas has evolved further with Volage EX—S, replacing the traditional button with a simple, elegant stitch that hides the fastening on the inside. This gives the sofa a more vibrant, fresh, contemporary look. This collection system comprises two- and threeseater sofas, modular elements - which cannot be used individually - two or three-seater center, end and left- or right-hand corner units, left- or righthand chaise longues, two sizes of ottoman and optional cushion. The seat has a comfortable single cushion and a very large armrest, with feather padding and polyurethane foam core. The sofa has a built-in functional low table, covered in saddle-leather, in a wide range of colours, which can be positioned either to the left or right.

570 GENDERThis unique armchair combines both traditional and modern features. It comes in a combination of materials and colours for a wide variety of uses: the soft padded inner part dialogues with the rigid outer part, embellished by coloured leather edging that highlights its sinuous line. The fabrics cling to the curves of the armchair, contrasting with the rigorous, formal structure of the shell, in fi ve different colour standard combinations. This enveloping, cosy armchair is made even more comfortable by its back, which leans about 12° under pressure and then automatically returns to its original position.

199 10A table that is a sculpture, a monolith. This important, prestigious object in white Carrara marble can be used as a classic dining table or as an official reception table. Its metal structure supports the marble parts. The top is 130 cm (51.2”) in diameter and 20 mm (0.8”) thick with a tapered edge. 

133 ICOThis article has a historic, traditional feel that represents Cassina values: a clever combination of carpentry and technological innovation. The chair, developed and perfected through lengthy, in-depth work with the designer, is the substance of the MedaMade concept. Apparently very simple and linear, this chair is the expression of a craftsmanship that can be appreciated in the construction details of its structure, the fine carpentry, and in the stitching details that enhance the upholstery work. In addition to the fine construction, the level of comfort offered by this chair makes it suitable for both residential and contract use. A wooden trestle structure with seat and curved back, available in the semi-open pore matt finishes: natural ashwood, black-stained ashwood, walnutstained and red-stained ashwood. Seat and back in foam, upholstered in fabric or leather, not removable.

083 DEADLINEMirrors like works of art. Two mirrors together, rectangular or square, inserted into a frame just 12 mm (0.47”) apart: the front mirror is decorated with silvering and backpainted in orange, blue or red. The back mirror reflects its decorations and its colours to produce graphic effects at various levels of reflection, also dependent on the angle of observation. 

475 BOBOLI 2016Updated sizes and fi nishes for the Boboli table, already included in the Cassina iContemporanei collection. A new size for the square table  with four shaped sides, two new sizes for the round table and two new oval tables . The bases of the tables come in four finishes, three of them new, in addition to the already present chrome: gunmetal grey chromium-plated, gold chromium-plated, matt black painted aluminium. The tops come in two diff erent kinds of wood: black-stained ashwood and American walnut and in three new shades of extra clear backpainted glass: oil green, dove grey and anthracite grey.