This single family residence in Uberlandia, Minas Gerais, in the Southern state of Brazil was designed by the practice of Aguirre Arquitectura. Created to exude a sense of serene elegance, the low lying horizontal structure presents an unpretentious welcome via the simple wooden entrance on the street front facade.

Once inside however, one is presented with the actual scale of the residence and the extensive landscaped grounds. The kitchen and informal dining room leads out to the pool and deck area through floor to ceiling windows. This concept of transparency continuous throughout the interior as the space flows into a formal dining and lounge area, a space which can be opened on two sides to become a cool pavilion. Luxury abounds throughout the interior beautifully designed by Alexandre Aguirre both in the chosen materials of timber, stone and glass but also the selectively curated furnishings and light fittings.

In the most intimate of spaces, transparency abounds, permitted by the creation of small courtyards planted with local greenery, especially evident in the spectacular bathroom. An enviable family home with merges the best of an indoor/outdoor environment with a comfortable contemporary setting.