Bruno Vaerini
Scale Appese|Architetture 1983-2001

Exhibition at Teatro Sociale of Bergamo, September 2001.

The magic of the stage related to the impressive architecture of the Teatro Sociale. In a blank space and marked by time, Vaerini proceeds gently almost as an actor. A few gestures, independent from the architecture around, are the punctual lights, dislocated as in a scene on a theatre stage.
In the space of the audience, moments of the last twenty years of Vaerini's work: a special designed table with photographic "readings" from the friend Gabriele Basilico, some study models and many original drawings.

Last but not least, in the space of the stage, elements of architecture almost as sculptural presences.

A slide show and a collection of in-depth materials, necessary for the analytical part of the exhibition, is displayed in a technical space, almost as in a "dressing room".