Located in the city of Tel Aviv, Israel, this elegant duplex penthouse apartment was designed by Pitsou Kedem Architects for a client who is an art collector. On entering the space, the first thing to capture your attention is the amazing panoramic view, a vast cityscape which merges into the blue Mediterranean on the horizon. This provides a backdrop for the contemporary classic interior of this urban one family residence. A dark, sober, somewhat masculine design, but encompassing a variety of contrasting elements in the surfaces and fabrics and lifted by the colorful contemporary art collection displayed through the spaces, introducing a whimsical note to the serious palette.

A number of seating and dining areas make this interior ideal for both formal and informal events as well as providing a comfortable home for its occupants. The kitchen is highly functional and features geometric pendant lights. Floor to ceiling bookcases line the wall of the living area and continue into the large dining space. A staircase leads to the upper level where a home office looks down to the floor below through the spectacular chandelier. The carefully curated ethereal lighting units are a definitive part of the design and add a feminine touch.

The bedroom is a beautiful uncluttered space, created for relaxation, an oasis from the hustle and bustle of city life. The simplicity of the bathroom is broken by a dark red cabinet, adding an interesting dash of colour. The outdoor terrace/deck is the final touch to this stylish urban residence and is sure to be enjoyed during the balmy summer evenings in downtown Tel Aviv.