In the old quarter of the historic city of Turin in Italy, a renovation project of a loft-like space in an 18th century building was undertaken by the local practice of Con3 Studio. Founded in 1966 by Elena Belforte and Giusy Rivoira, Con3 Studio continues to impress through its dedication to the creation of urban design solutions which exhibit a pioneering contemporary vision while retaining a sense of uncomplicated elegance.

In a modest space of around 100 sq.m., a comfortable residence has been created with an inherent flexibility of usage. The design represents the ultimate in contemporary aesthetics without losing the heritage factors of the structure. The pre-existing arched openings and high beamed ceilings have been retained and used to their full advantage by the interesting incorporation of mezzanine floors which alter the entire feel to the interior and adds a brand new element of interest which enhance the unique features of the space.

The lack of doors creates a continuous flow and fulfills the loft-like intention and adds to the optional uses of the spaces. The extra level above the bedroom alcove may easily become an extra sleeping area or simply an office or storage space. The kitchenette is strictly functional and a fun element within the design is the sweet ‘Juliet’ balcony which overlooks the living room, a space simply furnished in modular seating and mid-century pieces.

So what’s not to love about this very cool downtown residence? A far as we are concerned nothing at all! Top marks are extended to the designers on their successful combination of styles and eras to produce a super chic urban home environment!