Designed by Konstantinos Labrinopoulos of Klab Architecture, the house in located on a south facing terraced slope on the outskirts of a village on the island of Andros. The proximity to the village and the local building restrictions, together with the specification of the clients for a contemporary design for their vacation home necessitated the term ‘triple-hybrid’, as all of the above had to be taken into consideration.

It was decided to follow the concept of a monastic line of design, that is a walled structure with an inner courtyard to provide privacy and protection from the elements for the occupants. Being erected on an existing terrace, surrounded by cypress trees and fruit trees, it was essential to respect the environment and not build outside of the existing lines. Thus, the home was built in four volumes, two on one level which make up the main living areas, surrounded by a pool, and the other two volumes are on a lower level, one acting as a utility room and the other as a guest house.

The contemporary aspect of the structure includes the extensive glazing, not common in a traditional island home. This permits a panoramic view of the verdant countryside and an element of serenity in a vacation home in which the residents can enjoy the changing seasons while escaping the constrictions of city life.

Designer: Klab Architecture / Konstantinos Labrinopoulos
Client: Private
Location: Andros island, Greece
Built Area: 200m²
Completion: 2004-2008
Μaterials: stone, concrete, brick
Photographer: Klab Architecture / Konstantinos Labrinopoulos