A strong sense of heritage and culture can be identified within the design of this family home in Apulia, Italy. A project of architect Luca Zanaroli, who incorporated the ruins of two medieval structures, remnants of the Moorish past of the region, into his plans. 

In order to maintain the character of the original structures, locally sourced stone was chosen as the main building material used to restore the walls and the dome shaped roof of the dining area, at the peak of which is an aperture which allows natural light to enter the space. The cool cave like interior has the minimum of small window openings as climate control during the hot summer months.

Simplicity rules in the contemporary lines of indoor and outdoor furnishings, creating an ambience of relaxation and balance between the past and the present. A covered pavilion and pool are hidden away in a nearby olive grove providing a delectable final touch to this alternative country home.