For the aficionado of vinyl, this apparatus promises the very best in sound enhancement  of the discs. The Viella 12, or V12 as it is known, by AMG, is a turntable designed and developed by Werner Roeschlan and his son and realized by a group of audio industry experts and master machinists at their factory in Bavaria. Over a decade of  experience in producing turntables for prestigious companies led to the production of the V12, the first for AMG.

Combining Computer Aided Design with “classic analog” tools, including custom made lathes and drill presses, has resulted in a finely tuned turntable which may have its roots in the past but functions as a high end 21st century piece of equipment.

Manufactured using 25mm aircraft grade aluminium with interior wiring crafted from copper to allow perfect resonance control in the quest for musical perfection. The exterior is of smooth finished hardwood, a perfect complement to this nostalgic luxury product.