Alice & Fifth is a decadent luxurious address that was recently opened as a nightlife hot spot in Johannesburg. Alice & Fifth is an underground avant-garde venue for clubbing and luxury dining, its name is taken from the actual address in the most prominent and luxurious area in the entire South Africa, the Sandton area.

The night club which occupies 1,400 sq.meters has got an overall dark, masculine, rich, retro style with its velvet upholstery, dark wood, brass fittings, heavy drapery and no windows.

Designer Tristan Plessis and his StudioA/Tristan Plessis Studio took client Milk & Honey Group SA’s straightforward brief and translated it into his own version of edgy decadence.

“The client wanted a sumptuous and decadent space juxtaposed with a raw unrefined underground edge,”  “The feel was intended to be nostalgic  of a time gone by with a contemporary twist and a slightly dark undertone.” Says Plessis.

The dark colouring and the hard wood and marble are nicely softened by velvet seating and curved forms.

The surprises in this space are the curving, beveled white ‘paneling’ that covers some of the walls and even the ceiling in one area by the bar, and the striped marble flooring that makes the bar-front area stand out.

In addition to the sumptuous surroundings, the target customers, “the well-heeled Sandton socialites, high powered businesspeople and politicians, and those seeking an adventurous night out” will be treated to a Johannesburg first: A supper club with live performances.