The architectural designs of Andy Ramus and the young team of talented professionals which make up his Winchester based practice of AR Design Studio never cease to amaze us! This 5 bedroom home on the South coast of England is no exception to the rule, as it exhibits all of the AR attributes, a structure which makes itself at home within its immediate surroundings. In this case, the exclusive site is accessed via a private forest lane which leads to the first of two intersecting walls of local stone, a reference to a nearby 12th century Abbey. 

The entire design is built around the cross of the intersection, and the element of stone is continued on the understated ground floor of the home, contrasting with the neutral palette of the minimal interior and the mature forest which surrounds the home. Designed as a private space for family comfort and relaxation, the surrounding moat on the terrace enhances the sense of security to be enjoyed in throughout. While the living areas on the ground level are set back and protected, the bedrooms on the upper level are visually connected to the leafy treescape of the forest in uninhibited exuberance, as though each room were a private sanctuary nestled in the trees.

A separate office with gym and spa, a Japanese herb garden and a glorious expanse of lawn leading down to a lake are all featured in the four gardens which surround Abbots Way and complete the innovative project which translates the needs of the client in the most functional, energy efficient, aesthetically pleasing form.