+Quespacio(Masquespacio) , a design firm based in Valencia, Spain and its boss Ana Milena Hernández Palacios have completed the graphic design and interior design for the newly opened “2Day Languages School” housed in a 183m2 heritage building in central Valencia.

+Quespacio managed to create a very friendly and appealing space of the grand neoclassical building in spite of its limitations and the tight budget restrictions. The school is targeted at 20 to 30 year-old international students and is divided into three classrooms, a staff room and a lounge area. The three brand colours – blue, yellow and pink – represent the three levels established by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages; whereas the fascinating 10 artworks of crafty nails-and-wool-thread that appear hanging around the school have been especially created by +Quespacio and involved 6400 nails and 2500 metres of wool for their completion.