In Venezuela in 1953, Anala and Armando Planchart commissioned the renowned Italian architect to construct a villa overlooking Caracas. The result was Villa Planchart: a home “as light and graceful as a butterfly posed on a hill,” with vivid artisanal interiors, a vast art collection and a colorful facade.

At the tail-end of the project’s development, Ponti employed Florentine manufacturer Ginori 1735 (where he previously served as creative director) to create the aforementioned porcelain pieces, which featured decorative depictions of the Sun, the Crescent Moon, the Polar Star and the letter “A,” inspired by the villa’s and its inhabitants.

Now, Saint Laurent Rive Droite has reissued 12 of Ponti’s original plates from the Villa Planchart Segnaposto collection, in partnership with Ginori 1735. Notably, the renewed tableware is hand-painted in the brand’s Italian Manifattura.

Saint Laurent Rive Droite’s Gio Ponti – Villa Planchart exhibition will be on view at Milan’s Chiostri Di San Simpliciano from April 16 to 21. The limited-edition plates will launch via the brand’s webstore, as well as at Saint Laurent Rive Droite Los Angeles, Saint Laurent Babylone in Paris and at the label’s Milan flagship during design week.