Appreciated for its essential design and the visual lightness of the composing elements, Resort is a modular architectural structure that can be used to protect outdoor dining, living or relaxation spaces from the sun or the rain.

This extremely flexible structure allows for the design of made-to-measure sheltered areas, from simple rectangles, to squares of different heights, to pergolas closed on one or more sides that evoke certain Japanese architectures. The single elements composing Resort can in fact be set side by side or assembled depending on the desired final effect and the shaded area that you wish to create.

The bearing structure is in matt or gloss varnished aluminium in the Paola Lenti collection colours and stands on molded cast iron supports, which guarantee its stability. In case of strong wind, a specifically engineered mechanism assure the release of the top cover.

Resort top and panels are made of Paola Lenti’s signature outdoor fabrics, in particular the shimmering and water-resistant Madras and Tamil or Thuia, an open weave that let air pass through while creating a play of light and shadow.

The colour shades are designed to combine with the outdoor collection and blend with the surrounding environment or, vice versa, to highlight contrasts.

The final effect is a sort of “frame” capturing the beauty of a portion of nature or of a city skyline, making it stand out as in a painting.