Since La Samaritaine gloriously reemerged last summer, an event we talked about in a previous post, the department store has quickly become a fixture in the luxury retail landscape of Paris. As such, it’s a place where brand’s from fashion and lifestyle’s upper segment happily raise their profile, including Celine. Its creative director, the elusive Hedi Slimane, has launched a pop-up store here which, of course, he fully designed himself. Situated in the basement’s atrium, the ephemeral space measures 50 sqm. (538 sq.ft.), and sees tall and sleek cabinets of black steel and glass on the perimetres holding up a grid-like gazebo captured in shiny brass and emblazoned with the house’s name. Boosting the visual drama is a a large Celine logo in lights that dangles right above the setting. At the Celine pop-up store, the brand’s haute parfumerie collection forms its inner sanctum with a marble-clad display which also includes Bois Dormant, the collection’s eleventh and last fragrance. Additionally, you’ll find a curated range of lifestyle objects, leather goods and accessories