For the first time Siedle is bringing the live video image from the door camera onto a mobile device: Siedle Scope is a portable video call station for door communication – and also a fully functional DECT™ telephone in high-quality Siedle design.

Until now the connection to the door communication on cordless telephones was purely restricted to audio and door-opener functions. With its Scope model, Siedle is now bringing the video image from the entrance door to a DECT™ telephone – not as a static image, as a moving picture in real time. Thanks to Scope, residents can see who is standing in front of the door from wherever they happen to be in the building, or even from the patio or the garden. A phone call is answered in just the same way – using the same device, because Siedle Scope is also a fully functional cordless landline telephone.

Scope can replace both the video call station and the landline telephone or even provide the perfect addition to both. Firstly, Siedle Scope is based on the In-Home bus and can therefore be combined with any Siedle bus system. Secondly, it complies with the DECT™ standard and can thus be supplemented by GAP-compatible mobile receivers from other manufacturers. Thirdly, and finally, Scope bridges the gap between the two worlds and, if required, forwards a call at the door to any other telephone number, even in mobile phone networks. The universal communications device thus takes over the tasks of a video call station, a landline telephone and an interface for telecommunication (Siedle DoorCom). On top of this, it is a hands-free station with excellent speech quality and can also be used as a desktop unit in its charging cradle and with additional convenient control buttons.