The new Samsung P100 HD Camcorder/Digital camera was designed in collaboration with Dutch company, Feiz Design Studio. It was introduced at the CES 2011 exhibition earlier this year and is on sale at around the $200 mark.

The concept of this beautifully designed mini slim line device is simplicity and efficiency in usage and portability, as well as the elimination of any superfluous functions. The shoot and share feature can be preselected so that once it is connected to a PC, photographs and videos are automatically uploaded via the snap-out  USB port-also used for battery recharging.

  The 5 Megapixel BSI (Back Side Illuminated) CMOS sensor doubles the  sensitivity usually found in a regular CMOS sensor, reducing image noise distortion and much improved quality of recording. The AF lens vastly enhances the clarity of images in whatever light is available, allowing the production of high caliber videos anytime, anywhere.