Play your music in 360°  degree sound wherever you are. This wireless speaker delivers clear 360°  -degree sound – from high treble to rich bass tones. Pair with another Nokia Play 360° to enjoy your music in truly wireless stereo sound. Connect to any device wirelessly through Bluetooth or plug the included cable into a 3.5 mm audio jack. And if your phone supports NFC, simply tap it on the speaker to pair instantly.

Measuring 110 x 110 x 124 mm and weighing 514 grams Nokia Play 360° can be charged via microUSB, with a complete charge taking 3 hours and lasting for approximately 20. No cables neccessary, with its long-lasting rechargeable battery and Bluetooth stereo support, you can take this speaker anywhere you go.

Nokia Play 360° Features

Clear 360-degree sound
    A powerful speaker delivering clear 360-degree audio for your music.
    Meet up with friends and enjoy your favourite tracks together.
    The bass reflex chamber ensures rich, deep tones.
    Get high-quality stereo surround sound when you connect another Nokia Play 360°.

Wide compatibility
    Compatible with a wide range of phones, music players and computers.
    Connect wirelessly through Bluetooth or plug in to any 3.5 mm audio connector.

Completely wire-free
    No need for an external power source – ideal if you’re on holiday or meeting your friends.
    Listen to music from your device through a wireless Bluetooth connection.
    Simply tap your NFC-enabled phone on the speaker and start streaming music instantly.
    Pair without any wires with another Nokia Play 360° speaker for portable stereo sound.

Smart design
    The curved design and premium aluminium case brings a modern look and feel.
    Carry this compact, wire-free speaker easily from place to place.
    Nokia Battery BL-5C is included – it's long-lasting, rechargable and easy to replace when needed.