Innovative designers of Bluetooth gadgets, Jawbone have come up with a new idea. Named the ‘Jawbone Jambox’ it is a portable duo purpose device which can be used as a hands-free speaker or as a fully operational set of audio speakers.

It measures a mere 6inches in length, 2.25inches in width and 1.5inches in height, and enclosed in a single grill to ensure that the speakers are exposed in order to give the best quality in sound. Powered by rechargeable lithium batteries, around 10 hours of continuous use can be expected, depending of volume level and audio content.

Many features are inbuilt into the Jambox, including the ability to update, based on the ‘My Talk” platform. Additional functions such as battery alert, caller ID are available as well as personalization of voice and language options. Available in four colours, blue, black, grey and red, the ‘Jawbone Jambox’ is on sale in Apple stores from November 2010 at the recommended retail price of $199.