Bikes are coming back fast, and over the past years we have seen a rising bike culture emerging all over the world.

Although they have been around for years, only recently have they really been accepted as a new form of everyday travel, globally. Whether its the busy city streets, the rising fuel costs, or simply environmental awareness, one thing is for sure we all enjoy riding a bike, and now we have many excuses to do just that regardless our age, social and economical background.

However, we still have a part of the public that are not quite convinced; sure the practical reasons of owning a bike are clear, but how about those who want just a little more? I'm referring of course to those who see their vehicle as more then just a way to get from A to B. Besides its not the destination that matters, but how good you look getting there.

Well for those people here is a way. The new Audi e-bike looks better than most cars out there and most bikes!
A slick carbon fibber frame fitted with a touch screen computer, and camera and adjustable seat are the few things that make this bike truly desirable.