Æsir’s philosophy is simple. By exploring what the mobile phone could be, it aims to provoke and engage. Æsir believes in aesthetics that excite and technology that feels good to use, because it is simple and intuitive. It brings together a breadth of thinking and ushers it into a pleasing human expression.

Here, in the words of Yves Béhar, is the clear and inspired thinking that has guided our journey in engineering and craft, for the past 3+ years:

In an age when the industry seems to think that phones aren’t for speaking anymore, I wanted to focus on the idea of voice, clarity and simplicity. The central tenet behind the Æ+Y is to literally craft the visual details, craft the functional tactility, and craft the user interface. The Æ+Y champions the idea of craftsmanship in an age that’s obsessed with more and making last year’s products obsolete. Instead we propose better and long-lasting as our starting criteria.