During the 2013 London Design Festival held between 14th - 22nd September, visitors to the London showroom of Established & Sons had the opportunity of seeing a visually spectacular installation created by the London based designer, Faye Toogood.

The piece was inspired by the series of colorful resin furniture designed by Japanese architect Jo Nasaka and launched during the event. The interactive installation was comprised of blocks of resin in jewel like colors of blue and green in which switches and wires were set. Supported by a metal mesh stand, hundreds of meters of wires accumulated below and were connected to  a series of fluorescent lights backed by a spectacular glimmering wall of the insulating industrial material of passivated steel.

Visitors were invited to participate by operating the switches to create a rhythmic ‘symphony of lights’! Wonderfully futuristic, the dazzling light show combined the elements of an incredibly innovative installation with an ideal platform from which to introduce the public to the new resin series of the brand.