Brussels based architect, Bassam El-Okeily in collaboration with architect Karla Menten designed ‘Narrow House’, a three storey building in Bilzen, Belgium. This project is more than just a building, the street frontage, constructed of a glass enclosed space, by night becomes a work of art, a light sculpture of many colours.

The structure, sandwiched between two existing buildings, provides the clients with three floors with a garage and entrance on the ground floor, the only floor not enclosed in glass. The upper floor contains a library and reading room. The balconies, set at irregular angles and visible from the road, contribute to the artistic element of the house and afford solidity to the rooms as well as the required privacy but granting the occupants with full visibility of the road.

The main living area is on the second level built towards the rear of the lot. Not surprisingly this is the home of an artist whose studio can be found on the third level. Any areas not directly exposed to the facade of the building contain small geometric windows in addition to an atrium designed to provide sufficient natural light to the internal rooms.