Finish and Amsterdam-based designer Janne Kyttanen has designed a line of 3D printed wedge shoes with the strength to be worn and to print overnight from the ease of your own home on the CubeX 3D printer. Anyone can download the digital files online for free at Cubify, select their size, print them in the color of their choice overnight and wake up to a new pair of shoes for everyday day. The 3D printed shoes come in four different styles; classic, a simple wedge shape. Facet which is a geometric construction, macedonia which is pierced with holes through the wedge heel and leaf with a foliage-like design. Kyttanen himself says of the collection, 'I don’t know what it is with women and shoes, but I like it. I would like it even better if my girlfriend could wear a different pair every single day. Today this is a reality. Women can print this first collection of shoes overnight and wake up every morning to a new pair.