The Wilton Residence is a 1930’s hunting lodge located in the historical heart of Connecticut. The home belongs to an American family, who after living in Europe for 13 years returned to the US. The interior is a reflection of their years living abroad with an eclectic mix of high European contemporary design, personal mementos and a classic American style.

UXUS wanted to create an invigorating energy by fusing a pioneering spirit with the inherent comfort of effortless style – colonial yet innovative. Inspired by Rustic Luxury and essential beauty found in simple things, every space within the Wilton Residence exudes openness, personality and playful sophistication.

When designing the spaces, a key objective was to create an inviting environment for the family and their guests. Interior spaces celebrate the family’s stories, moments and inspirations with a whimsical touch. The Hunting lodge was remodeled to open the space and create a contemporary living environment where spaces and activities flow together yet maintain the heritage of the home’s original use- a hunting lodge.

The furnishings and décor vary from family momentos, antiques, and vintage furniture to high contemporary Dutch and American design. The color palette is muted and pale tones injected with acid colors punctuate the space. Unique pieces such as re-purposed chairs decorated with vintage oil paintings create a show-stopping exhibition. A “Not So Fragile” table from the UXUS collection punctuates the living room with a fluorescent orange accent and towering bookcases form magical columns in the family room creating the illusion of hovering books.