Living Divani, the high-end Italian furniture manufacturer,  provided all the furnishing needed for PICNIC project, the special installation by guest of honour Junya Ishigami at the Design Biennale Interieur in Kortrijk.

Drop Table, Garden Plate, Family Chair, especially designed for Living Divani and launched at last Salone del Mobile, where showcased. The simplicity of shapes combined with complexity of production, everyday luxury built around quality and aesthetics, is the design style that unites Ishigami with the company, and which has led to a collection of home furnishings featuring visual lightness, volumes that dissolve in their own reflection, clever alternation of solids and spaces, revealing unexpected curves and cavities, distortions and deformations, for a domestic landscape with a strong sense of dream-like poetry.

Drop Table is a transparent and sculptural object made in plexiglass. It is produced using a combination of complex technology and the craftsman skills typical of Living Divani's industrial approach. The company has succeeded in finding a way to make this seemingly impossible design a reality. Garden Plate is a low table defined by its extreme lightness and visual transparency, an evocative "out-of-scale" home garden.

Mini-containers open in the fluidity of the surface to offer a home for flowers and plants. The extreme clearness of the table creates a landscape bordering on the surreal, as the plants appear to grow from the floor below.

Family Chair is a collection of 5 steel chairs with a remarkable magnified optical effect. These pieces are light, harmonious and easy to use; they could be read as a result of the distortion given by the lens in Drop Table. Living Divani is a family-run business based in Brianza, the heart of the Italian furniture district. Since the early 1970s, the company has blazed its own trail by establishing an intensive exchange with the contemporary design world, becoming a standard-setter in the field, with its balanced, minimalist design that combines clear-cut lines and shapes with comfortable ergonomics.