The Marq on Paterson Hill, Singapore, is a luxury apartment building in a highly desirable area of Singapore. What sets it apart however, from other similar apartment buildings is a unique project concerning the interior design of its spacious apartments of up to 6.200 sq.feet. A collaboration between the Hermes team of decorators led by well known French designer, Yves Taralon, the Creative Director of La Table, Hermes and Michelle Cheong, Creative Director of SC Global have undertaken this innovative interior design assignment.

The timeless elegance of Hermes can be seen in every aspect of the interiors, from the furniture to the wallpaper, carpets, table settings and crystal, all with the principle of “art de vivre.” The choice of artwork is according to the taste of the client, under the guidance of the design team, as well as the made to order leather furnishings.

The flagship apartment has been retained by SC Global as a hospitality apartment in which they can entertain their guests in flawless style.