Ever fancied being banged up in a Scandinavian prison? Well there’s no need to go embarking on any rash crime sprees, see if you might like it first with a visit to Driade‘s new showroom in Milan. This is the Italian design company’s first collaboration with its new art director David Chipperfield, and the architectural space, minus products, is exactly the kind of place in which I imagine the bad men from Scandi-noir thrillers being incarcerated. Brutal, but clean, precise, and very very white. Of course, stick some of Driade’s lovely wares in the 500 sqm space and everything becomes a lot less intimidating.

Driade CEO Stefano Core cites the goal of the showroom as “a genuine exhibition gallery” for the firm, which was started in 1968 as a workshop operation making furniture, accessories and household objects. The company’s initial aim was to introduce experimentation into mass production, and over the years has collaborated with some of the industry’s most revered figures including Philippe Starck, Ron Arad and Patricia Urquiola, and its products continue to fuse an Italian style with international influences. Look for the showroom on Via Borgogna.