Located in Chiba, Japan, the Dream Dairy Farm Store, designed by Moriyuki Ochiai Architects and completed in 2013, functions as a retail outlet for dairy, which is produced from a dairy farm owned by the proprietors of the store, and quite naturally the design concept is inspired by freshness and the purity of milk.

To a backdrop of green walls, evoking the grazing meadows of dairy cows, the symbolic references to milk are apparent at every turn. A soft white light emanates from the overhead layered panels of translucent resin boards, a material traditionally used for the roofs of cowsheds. Clean soft curves begin with the shiny aluminium ceiling installation and continue with the softly undulating organic waves of the serving counter.

The store exudes a quality of cleanliness and health which mirrors the characteristic of the brand’s products, all created from the exceptional milk of happy, well-cared for dairy cows.