Renovation of an existing space in an historic building to an art gallery. The primary concern in the design was to highlight historic elements, while providing a clean, crisp surface on which to display artwork. The main gallery features floating display walls: Existing masonry is exposed along the top, bottom and sides, adding perceived spatial depth and the impression that the gallery itself is an installation. Heavy timber columns–once an elevator shaft–are a focal point at the entry; a stretched dacron sail between the columns is backlit for dramatic effect from the street. A seamless, poured resin floor knits the program together. Connecting old and new galleries are backlit resin panels that signal a transition. Sliding translucent panels provide privacy for support spaces and reinforce spatial continuity.

Back-of-house functions are supported by custom cabinetry and shelving [ideal for curio-like art display], built-in workspaces and integral lighting; in this way, the gallery’s functionality as exhibition space extends beyond the main gallery room. Open slots through walls provide visual connection between workspaces and display/storage, emphasizing connections between programmatic functions.

Arthur Roger Gallery Extension
434 Julia Street
Size : 1,750 sf
Design Team: Wayne Troyer, Tracie Ashe
Credits: Jeff Johnston, Tracie Ashe