Youngwon Kim, is a graduate at London College of Fashion with an MA in Fashion Footwear. For her graduate collection she designed architectural shoes that pushed the boundaries of form to a great extent. 

Youngwon’s footwear designs went beyond the broad notion of postmodernism by emphasizing on certain characteristics that are opposite to the general idea of formalism.  Her intention was to stretch the boundaries of visual, technical and functional forms. Regardless the excessive design; her shoes do not sacrifice the original wearable function of footwear. 

As the designer herself puts it “I intend to build a collection of designs with realistic touch, which will feed new ideas into the industry and communicate with the customers through design. Moreover, living in the era of post-postmodernism with a number of much cherished and memorable designs, it is my personal aim to design one that will last through time with its beauty intact.”

Make sure you keep a close eye on this designer as she is definitely one to create a great impact with her talent in the footwear industry.