The Tart Optical (OTE) brand of eyewear has, in recent years, enjoyed a comeback in popularity as one of the most sought after vintage brands. Established in the 1940s and worn by the celebrities of the 50s and 60s, the present day revival appears to stem from Johnny Depp who rediscovered the brand while researching his idol, James Dean.

So elusive had the vintage frames become that the company decided to re-release its most acclaimed models within their 2012 collection, and at the same time, continuing their established tradition of high quality durability of their frames, each one being handmade in Japan. The sophisticated classic styles include the Arnel, Countdown, T-Round and FDR in the original colours as well as a few new ones. These days, the likes of Lady GaGa and Brad Pitt can be seen sporting the timeless frames.