Mykita & Moncler both stand for innovative and unique products of the highest quality, coupled with traditionalist brand philosophies. The two companies to joined forces in a project which explores new territories in the world of eyewear.

In 1954 Lino Lacedelli and Achille Compagnoni became the first men to conquer the second highest mountain in the world, equipped with specially made down jackets by Moncler. A homage to the mountain and its conquerors was created in the form of the two sunglasses, Lino and Achille, suitable for downhill runs and also as classic sunglasses for everyday use.

Made from the polyamide-based material Mylon, developed and patented by Mykita, the frames are very light, extremely durable and individually adjustable to the wearer.

Both models are available in the colours red, blue and in a classic black. The frames are fitted with mineral glass lenses boasting excellent durability and clarity of vision, and reveal the Mykita & Moncler logo when breathed on.