Ariadne, the daughter of Minoas and Pasiphaes, passionately fell in love with Theseus and, by giving him the famous mitto (thread), helped him wander and, without missing out on the Minotaur's Labyrinth, to accomplish his mission. Thanks to Ariadne and the mitto that he offered, Theseus was able to save the seven young men and the seven young and safe, to find the way out of the Light.

Polina Ellis is inspired by the myth and creates, for 2019, bracelets and necklaces, where she orchestrated her string, her own abstract version of the 10k gold medal and silver, pointing to the edge of the mitt, indicating the arrival at the exit , at light, but also gilded charm that refers to flour.

The laces have been chosen to resemble the continuity of the "mitus", while in minimalist terms the 9 is written and a message is optimistic: with love and solidarity, with the help one gives to the other, we can fulfill our goal, to reach our destination, to be able to see the Light again.