The LTCH brand of exquisitely delicate jewelry was founded in 2011 by Anna Tomich Hockensmith and Jorge Lopez Conde. Anna Tomich was brought up in Houston, Texas and after extensive travel and exposure to various cultures, she settled in Madrid where she now lives and works. Her partner is Jorge Lopez Conde, a multi-faceted architect who is involved in a range of projects from writing to the underground music scene of Madrid.

Their latest collection is entitled Ergonomic Territories, the concept of which is the reinterpretation of landscapes in the form of geometric symbols which are then scaled to complement the human body in the form of rings, brooches, necklaces and even a futuristic face mask!

Each piece from this deeply researched collection carries within it a philosophy and a connection to the past in a form which blends fine art with nature and presents it in a faceted form in the perspective of jewelry, hand crafted from precious metals, contemporary compounds and pink quartz. Although the brand may have only been around for a short while, they have achieved accolades for their creations, which are available for sale online and in selected galleries globally.