Originally part of a partnership with Munoz Vrandecic, Finnish designer Damaris Vrandecic has for the past three years been producing her own collection of extraordinary accessories. Her shoes, bags and jewellery are produced after a fastidious search for the finest materials. The leathers, semi-precious stones and organic material such as bone and sea shells are then treated in a most unorthodox fashion, even before the manufacturing process begins. Leather is washed, wrinkled and hung to dry, organic matter is combined with precious materials such as gold as silver and finally, the production begins.

A handful of talented craftsmen then assemble the pieces, each one a unique item or part of a limited edition. Vrandecic believes that this balance of production and creation is what makes her pieces so unique. The synthesis of materials and composition, “weaving time and texture, the precious and the coarse made to sing”.